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First off, let me tell you all how much I enjoyed and appreciated reading your comments about Pickles being breech. I’m generally not on email during the weekend, and it was fun to read through everything with my coffee this morning. As of this morning (when we saw a freakishly clear outline of him when I tried to sit up in bed this morning) it is obvious he is still breech, and we’re still weighing our options. (Also? I found out this weekend that attempting to deliver breech is NOT an option, which is a nice weight off my chest.)

This weekend’s reason I wasn’t on email? Our 2-day intensive childbirth class (A whopping 15 hours of class. I have now seen things that I can never unsee.). Oh, and we finally ordered and had our new bed delivered (the beauty of living in Manhattan? Mattress delivery from 9am – Midnight, 7 days a week). Oh, and Eric assembled the beautiful crib and changing table set that was a gift from my parents. Oh, and I scrubbed down the bathroom – our weekends have been so full that it’s been pushed off, and pushed off, but I assure you, it could not wait any longer.

This means of course, that in addition to no email, there wasn’t any knitting time either. Which is fine, because I’ve put all projects on hold except for Eric’s socks and a sweater for Pickles. The picture above is the first sock from a few weeks ago. If you squint and use your imagination you can see the few inches of progress I’ve made since then:

There has been little opportunity to take pictures in any semblance of good light, so I figured I might as well take a crappy picture and show you something new. The 2nd bedroom is now looking much more like a bedroom, and much less like a storage closet (at least from this angle… I’ll show you the opposite wall after we have another go at it this upcoming weekend.)


Turn Baby, Turn

Sorry, this ultrasound is from 3 weeks ago. They couldn’t get a good face picture today, he wasn’t really cooperating.

We’re getting close people. I’m 34.5 weeks, and for those of you keeping score at home, we are a mere 2 weeks away from being considered Full Term. I had a couple of doctor’s appointments this morning (ultrasound at hospital, regular checkup at OB) and here are the findings…

Baby is BIG. He’s gained 2 lbs in 3 weeks, and weighs in at an estimated 5lbs, 15 oz. It sure as hell explains why my stomach has been so freakin tight and itchy this past week or so, and also why I can no longer roll over without some serious protestations from my lower abdominal ligaments. I’m also starting to get punchy from the lack of sleep, and my sad inability to nap under my desk at work.

Baby is BREECH. He turned wrong-side up 2 weeks ago (note that in above picture he is head-down) and has evidently decided he likes the view of my rib cage way better than that of my hip bones. The irony being that he spent most of this pregnancy with his head wedged so deep down that every doctor who’s seen it has commented (and has also been very very frustrated while trying to get head measurements). On 2 different ultrasound occasions I’ve been sent out to walk around in the hopes he’d wiggle loose a bit to make things easier. Once they adjusted the table like a see-saw and my feet were a foot above my head. It was very uncomfortable AND generally futile. Doctors would then say, well, that bodes well for you, he obviously likes being head down.

No. He obviously likes being contrary.

He’s got 11 days to turn head-down again before my doctors will present me with some hard decisions:

1) At 37 weeks try to manually turn the baby in a procedure that could ultimately result in an emergency c-section.

2) Schedule a c-section for 39 weeks and hope to hell he turns on his own before then.

3) Fight for the option to try to deliver him breech, naturally. This wasn’t even presented as an option today in my discussion with the doctor, but I do know I could press hard for the option if I felt strongly about it.

Here’s the fun part. I am openly soliciting for your thoughts, opinions, advice… for you to share your experiences, and I promise I won’t be offended. (As long as you can promise not to be offended if I respectfully disagree.) I want to hear what you all think of all this.

I’ve got a week and a half before I will know whether the decision needs to be made, but once we know, we won’t have much time to actually MAKE the decision (i.e. Option 1 would be scheduled for within a week of us finding out that he’s still breech.)

And, if nothing else, please think good turning thoughts for me.

Blankets, Binkies, and Boppies

DSC_0084 by you.

Thank god today is a bank holiday/partial staffing day, because I am a baggy-eyed pregnant zombie this morning.  We had the most wonderful weekend up in Massachusetts – my mother went all out and threw us a co-ed tailgating themed baby shower, complete with football toss and cornhole competitions, a life-sized fathead of Tom Brady, and a bunch of our family and friends.

The overriding theme of this pregnancy for me is how often I’ve felt like I’ve been hit by a bus.  When I found out I was pregnant, I walked around numb for days (weeks?), feeling like I had been hit by a bus, emotionally.  Was it for real?  Would there be a heartbeat?  We had been waiting so long, and it seemed so surreal… and because I kept steeling myself for something to go wrong, it took me weeks and weeks to accept it and get really excited about it.

Then, over the summer, with the anemia and debilitating exhaustion, I simply felt like I had been hit by a bus.  A double-decker bus.  Each day.  Repeatedly.  Stupid bus.

And this weekend seeing how happy and excited our families are, and seeing so many of our friends (some for the first time since we found out) was wonderful in and of itself.  And then when we got home last night, we sorted through all the gifts, and got to linger over each onesie and flip through each baby book and read the directions on baby monitors and marvel over how tiny infant diapers are… it was incredible, and I have been completely whalloped by the collective generosity of our People.  It may seem obvious, but damn, the bus hit is much easier to take when all your People are on it, and the bus is made out of receiving blankets, binkies and boppies.

(For the record, this baby now has about 20 Red Sox outfits, 10 Patriots outfits, 1 Celtics outfit, and 1 adorable pair of maroon BC overalls with a coordinating white polo shirt waiting for him.  Oh, and if you count bowling as a sport, then we can include the onesie that says “The Dude Abides”.)

My brother Tommy took a million pictures – I haven’t seen them yet, but I’ll put them up on Flickr when I do.  For my part, I spent most of the weekend enjoying being surrounded by family and friends, and trying to make sure I ate enough.  There was no time for pictures, I was too busy soaking it all in.