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Rhinebeck Sweater

Rhinebeck, as always, was great.  We stayed in the Beetlejuice house again, ate ridiculously delicious food, stayed up way too late, and reveled in the company of a 3 day sleepover with close friends.

I was happy to have a well-finished, well-fitting Rhinebeck sweater.  This does not always happen.


All photos courtesy of Caro (Splityarn).

Somewhat coincidentally, the sweater is Snowmates, from Knitting it Old School by Caro and Stitchy McYarnpants, pattern by Tami George and engineered by me.

I knew I wanted one the second I tried on the sample for the book.


What I really love are the details:


Like the Jackie O neckline with contrast hem


and the colorwork blocks.

Added bonus: the pattern calls for Cascade 220, my favorite workhorse yarn.

It was a good weekend.