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Sweater Weather

It has been prime knitting weather the past few days – the autumn chill has arrived, with clear, crisp, 72 degree days.  As I type by my open window watching the boys play outside, my fingers are chilled, and my coffee lost its heat almost immediately.

Fortunately for me, I am about 3 rows from finishing Snowmates.  It emerged from its third re-knitting of the hips and a sound blocking in glorious triumph, and by that I mean it fits perfectly.  As if it were tailor-made for me.  Which, of course, it was and is the whole point of handknitting for one’s self, so, yay.

I embarked on a swatching adventure for New Towne, after starting on a sleeve with the hopes it would be a good gauge swatch. It took knitting 5 different half-sleeves before I admitted I would not simultaneously hit stitch and row gauge as listed in the pattern.

Sleeve 5 of 7.  Two more and I’ll have myself a hot Borg.

With some guidance from Amy, I chucked caution to the wind and with my modified gauge I’m knitting two sizes up and hoping for the best.  I’m almost done with the 2nd full sleeve at this gauge and size, which at this point including all the other sized-sleeves I’ve knit thus far, means I could gift this cardigan to an octopus, were I so inclined.

I wish I could say I minded though – the yarn is a dream to knit, and the sleeves are uber-portable, so I’ve been happily cranking them out in the car, at the zoo, at the playground, at the pool, etc. etc. etc., in lieu of Snowmates, the worsted-weight pullover that requires only 3 more rows at the turned hem.  Not quite so portable, that one.

So, knitting continues apace, and I’m thinking that I’ll have 2 new sweaters to wear just in time for the cool weather.  Perhaps not quite in time, because I would definitely be wearing New Towne right.this.minute if it were done.

Are you up on your fall knitting?  Thinking about a Rhinebeck sweater, or already working on one?