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Do the right thing.

After giving back the original Snowmates for Her to Caro & Stitchy last year for the Knitting It Old School trunk show, I was itching to cast on for one of my very own.

Back in February at SPA I cast on, and made decent progress, churning out the entire yoke over the course of the weekend.

(insert a couple of months focusing on work and other projects – you’ve all been there)

And after a concerted effort for two weeks in July, I knocked out the rest of the sweater, down to the hem.  I just wanted to block it out before binding off to make sure the colorwork tension wasn’t wonky.

And here is what I cut off the bottom after trying on the blocked sweater and realizing my torso is much longer and straighter than the hip increases as written for my size.

(Of course, people with my chest circumference are often much shorter than I.  It makes perfect sense that the hips as written would not be where MY hips are.)

I’m re-knitting from the waist down for the THIRD time now, and it is at this point that I have to constantly remind myself that all the effort is worth it for a sweater that will fit me perfectly, that I know I will love for years.  And I’m grateful that I can, because with a top-down raglan, you can always just try on as you go.  Really, I am, and I keep telling myself that, because I kind of want to throw it in the corner right now, and play with the BSA Melange I have all wound up and ready to go for New Towne.

Swatch me.  You know you want to.