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I feel the need to catch up before I can blog about current things, but catch ups are so tedious, so let’s leave it at this:

A couple of years ago I had a baby, then I didn’t sleep, we left NYC to buy a house in MA, there was another baby, still no sleep, and an embarrisingly small amount of knitting.

Now, baby the second is well past his first birthday, weaned, and sleeping through the night. I can reliably report that it takes about 2 weeks of full nights’ sleep to recover one’s brain from the fog of long term sleep deprivation. I am no longer stupid.

I also knit again. It is rather glorious.


See? I finished a sweater, and am unabashedly thrilled about it.

I finished it Friday night in Rhinebeck, which was cutting things a little close, but not so close that say, I was drying it in the oven, or wearing it without the ends woven in.

Rhinebeck was pretty fantastic. I didn’t take many pictures, but Amy posted pictures of our house on her blog*, and Caro on Flickr and really now that we’ve discussed Rhinebeck and the current state of my sleep, I feel like we’ve covered all the obligatory topics and I can start posting again like a normal person.

*also, Amy just announced the book she’s been working on, so a shout out of congratulations to her! Her designs are smart and stylish and infinitely wearable (do a search for her on Ravelry and see for yourself) and I am sure the book is going to be something very special. If you haven’t seen her site, you need to check it out now.