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Knitting It Old School

Jackie also rocks Snowmates

(all photos this post copyright Splityarn. see below.)

There was a short period of time in the midst of all the baby-crazy the past three years that I had the capacity of a fully functioning adult, and I had the privilege to work on a design for Caro and Stitchy’s latest project, Knitting it Old School, a book which is basically the love child of Caro and Stichy’s adoration of, and fascination with, everything vintage.

Caro and Stitchy have the gift of translating fashions from the past… Not just the obvious appeal of classic patterns from the 40s or 50s (I mean really, have sweater sets ever been out of fashion completely? Anyone can do a vintage book centered on “classic”…) but also of the bold statements from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Their vision for those designs make you realize why the designs of those times were popular in the first place and show just how versatile those pieces can be.

Case in point, I had the pleasure of pattern writing Tammy George’s design Snowmates for Her (Rav link).

Kel rocks Snowmates

It’s a classic pullover, 3/4 length sleeves, waist shaping, fabulous neckline details (nested ribbing with contrast inner hem – love it!!!) with some funky color work detail. The bold blocks of color make me think of the late 60s. Maybe the 80s.

But there’s so much you could do with this pattern! I plan on making it for myself, and maybe inserting a snowflake motif for a Nordic sweater feel. You could omit the color work completely for more of a workhorse wardrobe piece. Or you could insert a favorite line of poetry or prose for something more personal, or whimsical. (I just thought of that, and damn, forget the snowflakes. I think I want words instead.)

Anyway, the pattern is easily modified… knit top-down, raglan style, just keep increasing until it fits your bust. Then keep decreasing until it fits your waist. Then increase again until it fits your hips. The math to figure all that out is fairly simple, even if you’ve never modified a pattern before.

The sweater itself looks good on, well, everyone I’ve seen wear it.

Ms Too Much Wool rocks Snowmates

(The wrinkles are from it just coming out of the Trunk.)

Kellee, Cassie and I have significantly different builds and body shapes, and it looks great on all of us, if I do say so myself.

Hats off to Tammy for her gorgeous design. I can’t wait to have one of my very own. Believe you me, I’d have at least one already if I hadn’t spent the last year pregnant, and wondering where my measurements will settle once I finish nursing.

(All pictures courtesy Caro Benna Sheridan, aka Splityarn, aka photographer extraordinaire)