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A perfect weekend

WordPress just ate my post, and I haven’t the time nor inclination to recreate it (once when I was in college, Word ate a 20 page term paper, and I took the zero rather than try to recreate the work. It’s just so freaking disheartening. But I digress.)

It has been a lovely weekend. There was a leisurely dinner out, complete with tapas and sangria. There was gardening, and chive vinegar. There were happy children, enjoying the sunshine. There was a first pickup of organic raw milk, and local honey in tea. There was knitting, and long hours hanging out on my parents big ass deck. There were rhododendron bushes heavy with blossoms.







A perfect way to begin the summer.


Today, it is so.

I once asked Amy how she got so much knitting done (she churns out sweaters as if she lived in an eternal Maine winter), and she told me that her elder pre-school aged son just wanted her to be NEXT to her while he played, and her younger son was really only interested in what her elder son was doing.

At the time I wondered if I’d ever get to that glorious place.

Today, I have.