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Second Child Syndrome

Referring to the difference between how the first child is treated vs the second child (see: benign neglect), as well as what happens to bloggers after their second child is born (see: fall off face of earth).


Thomas Richard Pawlowski, born 2 months ago, after 3 days of labor and arriving to much joy and happiness. However, as he is the second child, there was no live tweeting of the event, nor a guest blog post by Eric announcing his arrival.

Or a blog post about his arrival, at all.

His labor and delivery are no longer fresh in my mind… rather I am immersed in the daily juggle of toddler and infant, the dance of naps and meals, the constant stream of diapers. It is wonderful, and it is all consuming.


Thomas is a sweetheart. He is full of bright smiles and contentment. He’s recently taken to waking only once at night. (EJ still wakes up once or twice himself, and it took almost 2 years to get that good.) I am smitten.

And busy.

Slowly I am eking out Metro (from the fall twistcollective), which I see as a good nursing sweater – a cardigan with no buttons. It awaits sleeves and a neck, but I feel confident I will eventually finish and wear it.

There are many other things happening, but right now it’s all busy-ness and overcommitment… not worth the time to type about it.

I miss you, my friends in the computer. But right now my eyes are on the rugrats, not on the screen.