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We are taking a short break from the food parade to mourn my entry into Elinor’s sock contest.

This, my friends, is what happens when you leave your knitting within reach of a toddler. I was equally horrified to find the knitting mangled, as well as by seeing 3 sharp, thin, wooden needles being gleefully waved around in EJ’s hands.

The deadline is Monday, and I don’t have the heart or the time to rip back and start over. Partially, this is because the yarn I had long since been waiting to arrive for a previously contracted design project arrived on my doorstep last week, the very afternoon of the above-pictured accident.

I had hoped to finish the socks before it arrived, but I am on a tight deadline for this new design, and sometimes that’s just the way it goes.

Although, THIS JUST IN! I just went to Elinor’s site to appropriately link and what not, and it turns out that she too has come upon unexpected time pressures and as such has extended the deadline to May 21st.

Looks like I might just be in the game after all. Count me as one of the people who are RELIEVED.

(I swear to god this post was not staged. Also, I feel a little dirty for feeling the need to say that.)