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Internet Free

Check out the fabulous BSJ EJ’s sporting here – just peeking out under his chin, made for him by the wonderful Carole. We loves it.

I have been, and will be, without internet access for the next few weeks. What a strange experience it has been – Eric has been using our home laptop for work now – to be home all day with EJ, utterly cut off from the outside world, and every important piece of information I’ve needed to save over the past few years. I am utterly dependent on this hunk of metal and plastic, and finding myself without it has been very difficult and very liberating all at the same time.

It’s stinky not being able to communicate with all of my friends. Email, blogs, twitter, facebook, not to mention the internet in general, has made my housebound isolation as a SAHM kind of fun. My people have only been as far away as my fingertips, and I’m sure I’m not the only mom at home who’s been grateful for that. But, not having the timesuck of the computer, well, I’m finding I’m actually getting knitting and reading done.

What? How is that with a 3 mo old baby? That’s right – EJ has learned to nap on his own. For 2 weeks, every day consistently, EJ falls asleep and lets me PUT HIM DOWN. Hell, sometimes he lets me put him down when he’s awake. For reals. He sits in his chair. He eats his hands. He googles at his stuffed lion, and he loves listening to Harry Potter audiobooks. (Oh wait, that’s me.) I mean, I can’t leave the apartment, I refuse to watch daytime television (I mean, it’s a nice treat occasionally, but day in and day out it will drive you bonkers), there’s no computer, and there’s no one for company. After a little bit of tidying up and I’ve got a good hour or two to sit in my chair and knit. It’s been a bit of a revolution, and it’s been wonderful.

But that’s why I’ve been quiet, and why I will be for a little while more. Soon we’ll be getting another laptop, and I’ll have full use of our home one again, but until then, I’m going to allow myself to enjoy the forced time sans technology. SAHM old-school style.

That’s what I’m talking about. Word.

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  1. What a wonderful picture…I know exactly how you feel about the internet. I don’t think we realize how much time checking blogs, emails, facebook etc… it all take throughout the day.

    March 1, 2009
  2. He looks so cute and I’m glad you’re getting some use out of the sweater. Enjoy your SAHM time.

    March 1, 2009
  3. Dena #

    Yipee for naps! And for hands free time for mom!

    March 1, 2009
  4. Manise #

    Enjoy this time at home. It flies by sooo fast!

    March 2, 2009
  5. benedetta #

    EJ is sooo cute! He has your eyes!
    I had not seen a full face picture yet, mainly because I am cut off from Internet-for-fun-use, for time management reasons.
    Anyway, enjoy the naps, books and knitting, it will change again soon, as babies do with their routines.
    love, ben

    March 2, 2009
  6. Kim #

    What cute handknits! He’s a great knitwear model – keep it up! Enjoy that good sleeping time. Just remember (at the hard times as well as the easy times), all things change with babies. Mine slept 11 hours at night from 8 weeks to 4 months. Hasn’t done it since – now it’s more like 4 hours, then 2, then 2…..(he’s 10 months old now). But I keep reminding myself, he won’t be doing this when he’s 5. Do keep up that independent sleeping thing! It’s good for mama and baby.

    March 3, 2009
  7. Susanne #

    Every morning, checking my blogs and reading updates, I look at your darling boy tucked into his Daddy’s coat! That picture should be cropped on the sides, leaving the peek we get at Daddy’s chin and mouth and be hung on your living room wall. Those eyes!!! that face!!!!
    “Hey Mom, this is fun, … I think…do I get to do this often???? It is warm in here and I get to snuggle with my Dad”…what’s not to like???
    just absolutely gorgeous!!!

    March 7, 2009

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