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The Little Dude Arrives

Last week I developed severe pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome, and as such labor was induced Tuesday evening. After 24+ hours of labor, 50+ hours on magnesium sulfate and a 2nd degree tear (“shoulders like a linebacker!” exclaimed the delivery doctor), I would like to introduce to you Eric Jeffrey Pawlowski:

Totally worth it. Every second.

Welcome to the world, E.J.




I am happy to report that Pickles has turned, and the doctor has full confidence he will find his way out head-first. I would be more animated in my announcement of this news, but really? I haven’t slept for 3 nights straight. My brain is stupid right now. Basically the news from the doctor’s appointment goes something like this.

Happy. Big. 4 weeks to go. Look at the wee-wee! Good. Happy.

Grant’s Tomb

I thought the inscription was fitting today. It is from the tomb of a man who was involved in the most divisive era in American history, and who presided over the 2nd half of the Reconstruction, emphasizing reconciliation, order and the protection of civil rights for all citizens.

Here’s to the power of Hope.

Last Hurrah

From here on out, Eric and I have agreed to begin what we like to call The Seclusion. No more plans, parties, lunches, drop-bys – just time at home to take care of the things we need to take care of before this baby is born.

The result is that for the next month we have a clear calendar (except for a few one-off baby classes), and the danger is in deceiving ourselves that we have plenty of free time. In making an exception because ‘we don’t have any plans’, or rationalizing we can just put up those shelves later in the afternoon – going out for breakfast won’t hurt.

It’s hard to say no to plans. There’s the obvious fact that we rarely get to see everyone we’d like to, and to pass up a chance to get together and do something fun (or just catch up!) seems silly. Less obvious is the guilt. The vague idea that because we have a clear schedule then we have no good reason to say ‘no’.

This past weekend was chock-full of plans, and they were wonderful. Eric went to a Halloween party with some of his college friends on Friday night, I spent Saturday with some fabulous knitters in Brooklyn. Eric and I had dinner out in the neighborhood Saturday evening, breakfast out with friends from Boston Sunday morning, and then some other friends simply dropped by Sunday afternoon for a few hours.

In between it all, Eric and I took George for an early morning walk (2 hours! Mostly because my walk is more like a shuffle these days.) up to Grant’s Tomb:

…and somehow Eric even found time to shop for and hang new blinds, as well as install my nightstand shelf.

It was busy, it was fun, and it was a great way to enjoy our last weekend before The Seclusion began.

Can you tell I’m ready for it? (And yes, those are thrummed mitts I’m sporting. I heart them.)