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Feb Lady Sweater - Yoke by you.

I’ve been working on the ubiquitous February Lady Sweater on and off for months.  There was something about the Malabrigo with the Denise circulars that just wasn’t working for me… actually, let me be blunt, it was hurting the hell out of my hands. 

The Malabrigo just did NOT want to slide smoothly over the joins and along the needles, resulting in a slow, painful push and shove routine every row.

I ignored it for a little while, and obsessively worked on Icarus instead.  Then, when I turned my focus back to the Feb Lady Sweater a few weeks ago, I decided to switch to Addi Turbos, and it helped tremendously.  Until a few rows in I realized I had forgotten what size I was making, and it didn’t even matter because my stitch count was all screwed up regardless of which size I was making.

I literally spent about 6 or 7 hours working, and ripping back, the SAME 4 ROWS.  It was frustrating.  (I have a sneaking suspicion I’ve been working from an old version of the pattern which has errors around that particular part.  It certainly doesn’t absolve my miscounting/wrong size errors, but I’m pretty sure it’s added to the confusion.)

This is all a long way of saying that I’ve been reconsidering my choice of Malabrigo for this sweater.  Yes, it’s a lovely color and it’s all wooly and wonderful.  But, it’s a bit bulky in the garter stitch section, and I wonder if it’s going to be too heavy altogether for me to enjoy wearing it.

Then, a few weeks ago I was at knit night with Maya, where she was working on her own Feb Lady Sweater, in the most gorgeous yarn ever.  Go check it out on Ravelry or on her blog.  No seriously, go look.  I’ll wait.

It’s gorgeous, isn’t it?  And the pictures don’t even do it justice.

Anyway, of course I went and ordered some Brooks Farm of my own to re-start the Feb Lady Sweater (conveniently reallocating the Malabrigo to other projects in my mind – it’s really a perfect shade for Eric now that I think about it…).

It arrived, I cast on, and a week later this is where we stand:

Brooks Farm Feb Lady 2 by you.

(Okay, I knit another inch or so last night after this picture was taken.  Use your imagination.)

I’m just not sure about it.  It’s not really pooling, but I’m not sure I’m in love with the idea of a 2-toned sweater.  Then again, I’m often surprised by what I like in a finished project, and maybe I should just relax and give the yarn a chance?  I do love the yarn.  The sheen, the drape, even the colors are lovely, I’m just not sure I want them mixed up in a sweater.

Brooks Farm Feb Lady by you.

Add to this confusion the (misguided) idea that if I bust my ass, I might be able to finish it in time for Rhinebeck AND the nagging suspicion that I should rip back and re-knit the buttonhole (may I point out the conflicting nature of these 2 goals?).

I’ve got about 5 hours to decide – we’re leaving for Massachusetts after work and it’s either coming with me, or it’s not. 

What to do??

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  1. Manise #

    Tough decision. The Malabrigo almost looks too thick and stiff. I like the Brooks Farms better. The drape seems nicer. If you have to rip, do it now before turning back becomes more painful. Good luck.

    October 11, 2008
  2. Safeena #

    Arrg! I’m doing my third February Lady Sweater in Brooks Farm Mas Acero in the Nachigoches color way. The first one was in Sara, a three-tone color way. The second was in (yawn) Brown Sheep’s Lambs Pride Superwash. Now this Nachigoches – it has three or four distinct colors in it, and knitting with two skeins at once (three rows of each) is breaking up any attempt at pooling. It blocks out so beautifully, too.

    So much for the commercial! Hope you come to love it.

    October 15, 2008

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